Twin Peaks Weather Station Information Page was set up in 2003

I wanted to provide weather information taken from my weather station here at my home and making this information avaliable to internet users all over the world.

The weather station that posts my weather to the internet is a Davis Weather Monitor II with all avaliable options. The station is usually operating 24 hours a day, but due to internet connection and server problems there are times when the weather station looses contact with the internet and weather readings cannot be updated. The weather station is located in Twin Peaks, California USA which is in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, between Lake Arrowhead, and Crestline California.

Also in operation are 14 various color as well as black and white CCD cameras (Webcams).

Two independent video systems are used to post webcam images to the website, the home camera system is made up of 10 cameras. These cameras are scanned by a video scanning system which pre selects which camera image will be sent to the internet, at a pre selected time the video system takes a snapshot of the selected cameras view and posts this image to the internet. Most people find the cameras usefull in determining the current weather conditions of the San Bernardino Mountains, others just want to watch the garden grow.

The second webcam system is a dedicated color camera which is pointed at Lake Silverwood , this camera is located 150ft from my residence, it has been mounted at my in-laws home on their backyard deck which has a great view of some of the lake. This camera is made up of a color CCD camera and a 100mm telephoto lens and is mounted in a enviormentaly controlled camera enclosure. Using a second video capture card my website computer takes a snapshot from this cameras view at a pre selected interval and posts the image to my webpage for viewers to enjoy. This camera now operates 24 hours a day, but there are only one light that can be seen at the boat dock at night.

The map below will give you some idea as to where I am located in respect to other surrounding cities and towns.

Thank You for visiting my website and please visit again soon.....Mike



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