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*Note This camera operates independently from the home webcam system and is set to capture a new image every 30 seconds.

The Lake Silverwood webcam is located in Twin Peaks, which is a small town located between Crestline and Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California at an elevation of 5,715ft.

Due to the location of the webcam, the image taken by the camera is just a small section of the lake.

The distance to the lake from where the camera is located is just over 15 miles. In the photo you can see the boat launch and docking area, this is the square structure you see in the lower right.

The Camera is made from a small ccd color camera mounted inside a weatherproof camera housing. The lens being used is a 100mm telephoto lens, because I am using a large telephoto lens, the top of the pinetree you see in the front of the image is out of focus, the telephoto lens has been focused on the lake, so anything close to where the camera is mounted will seem out of focus.

Please make note that the camera is best viewed in the early morning to mid afternoon. During winter storms, and times of high smog and haze levels, as well as the evening sunlight, the camera's visibility will vary. This camera operates 24 hours a day. The view at night is nothing much more than one light at the boat dock ,and it goes off around 9:00pm so the image will be mainly dark.



The Lake Silverwood was installed on August 31 2005

The Lake Silverwood Webcam was installed just after the High Desert Camera stopped operating, I took down the High Desert webcam for repair and while working on the camera I came up with a new thought, maybe my website users would like to see Lake Silverwood rather than the desert? So after completing the repairs I relocated the camera for a view of Lake Silverwood.

The camera is installed inside a new heated / cooled camera enclosure re-designed to house the color CCD camera and the 100mm telephoto lens. I also added 3 LED indicator lights, located on the bottom of the camera. The lights were installed to indicate Power On, Heater On, and Cooling Fan On. This makes it easy to check the operating condition of the camera by simply looking at the LED indicators. A steady green LED is used for power on , when the heater is in operation a steady red indicator is lit, when the cooling fan is on a flashing red LED is lit.

The 100mm lens enables the camera to see down into Lake Silverwood, and the surrounding mountains just above the lake. The video from the camera is then sent to a video amplifier to keep the video signal from loosing signal strength , due to the fact the camera is located 150 feet from my home. From there the video is sent to a video capture card inside my internet computer,then out to my server and onto the internet. The computer takes a new live image every 30 seconds.

I hope to have live video soon to enable users to watch the boats out on the lake

Left photo shows the Lake Silverwood camera just after I completed installing the color CCD camera, 100mm telephoto lens, and the led status indicator lights. The photo on the right shows the inside of the heated camera enclosure, you can see the camera, lens assembly as well as the fan for cooling in hot summer weather, and the circuit that works the automatic heater for winter use.


The left photo above is a view of the front of the camera with 100mm telephoto lens looking out the front glass. The right photo shows the bottom of the camera and the three LED indicator lights I added to the camera enclosures temperature control circuit board, I wanted a way to tell the working status of the camera without having to climb up a twenty foot ladder. The three indicator lights come on and off to show power on, heater on, and cooling fan on.


And finally in the last photos you can see the camera mounted and ready for action, looking out at Lake Silverwood. The camera is mounted 150 feet from my residence at my in laws home, mounted on the Northwest corner of their backyard deck.


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