Gary---KG6RXQ, Fountain Valley, California.



Gary's 2 solar panels (Left Photo). His QTH (Right Photo), hosts a number of antennas, VHF, UHF, HF, as well as a full blown Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station, used in reporting weather conditions to the National Weather Service, and Skywarn. I think I have heard from more than one source that his nick name is........... The Weatherman?


Home brew 2 meter beam, Made from PVC pipe and stainless rod for elements, This antenna works very well and is set up at this time to be rotated manually.


Cushcraft 14 element 440 beam.


Solar powered wireless Davis Vantage Pro.

Gary uses this weather system as part of his envolvment in Skywarn. The solar power option makes this type of weather station a plus when your hit with a power failure. But as you can see from the photos on the top of this page, he is ready for any future power failure.

Using the 2 photovoltaic panels daily to charge 4 deep cycle batteries, power is always avaliable to run his radio equipment for everyday as well as emergency communications.



A few of many weather photo's Gary has sent in from his location in Fountain Valley, California.Gary is on weather watch everyday looking for any weather condition that might impact the Orange County area, He also watches the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.


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