UPDATED 6-12-17



The photo's below show one of the two cabinets that will be used in the construction of the new main repeater and backup repeater.

I purchased two partial repeater cabinets off eBay which I am going to use to build my new systems. These were 220 commercial repeaters at one time , and since all the front panel controls were there along with the dtmf keypad, It was the perfect pick for my new repeater project.

This box will contain the reciever, transmitter, and controller, and the 440 mhz link circuits as well as the 220 mhz weather station transciever.

I will make use of the 100 watt switching DC power supply and the DC transfer relay switches which will be used to automatically switch the repeater from grid to solar/wind battery backup power.

The second repeater will be a duplicate of the first system, except for the fact the main repeater uses Hamtronics boards for the TX and RX, and the backup repeater uses TX and RX boards out of a Midland 13-509 220 radio.


Construction of backup repeater begins.

Old backup repeater chassis in the below photo begins it's transformation into the new backup system.

Here is the new backup repeater with it's TX and RX boards installed, Next part of the build will be to install a new controller.

I may use a CAT 200B or NHRC-4 or 5. Still trying to work that out as I would like to add a 440 remote base option to both the backup and main repeaters in the near future, and would like both repeaters to use the same type controller.

This photo shows the covers installed for the TX and RX modules.

The logic board seen in the front is part of the original SEA repeater. This will be left in place and used to monitor battery voltage, solar charge voltage and a few other functions that can be monitored using the front keypad and front digital display readout.



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