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Here is the packet radio weather telemetry node I just finsihed building. the station is 100 percent solar powered. using a 150 watt solar array and 125ah AGM battery.

It was made using a Kantronics KTU weather telemetry node, and is interfaced to packet radio using a Kantronics KPC-2 tnc and a modified Henry Radio Tempo 2 meter vhf radio.

This is the only Non APRS packet weather node on ham radio in my area.


Start of weather telemetry system. Below are the photo's of the 1 watt vhf transmitter I just completed. This radio will be paired up with a Kantronics KPC-2 TNC and Kantronics KTU Telemetry unit.

The weather node will send packet radio users current weather conditions at the weather node site.

The system reports Windspeed, Wind Direction, Outside Air Temp, Rainfall, and the Air Temp inside the weather nodes electronics enclosure.

This system was replaced with a 25 watt GE MVS VHF radio and a KPC-3 tnc paired to the KTU weather node. But I have left these photo's to show the project.


Start of project shows the old Tempo 2 meter ht with it's transmitter and receiver removed.

Transmitter installed on the left side of enclosure.

Reciever installed on the inside bottom of enclosure, receiver is now connected to the transmitter.


Transmitter and receiver wired into the antenna jack, and tnc interface connector. On the right side wall you can see the 12 vdc to 7.5 vdc power converter.

The Tempo radio is not designed to run off 12 volts without a dc to dc converter. The voltage converter was made using a scrap Radio Shack converter that was once used to power a portable CD player

1 watt telemetry radio all wired and ready for interfacing to the KPC-2 TNC and KTU Telemetry box

The above photo shows the Kantronics KPC-2 tnc and the Kantronics KTU telemetry node interfaced to the one watt modified Tempo 2 meter radio

Here is the weather nodes Windspeed, Wind Direction, and Outside Temp sensor up and running. The node is set to record the Windspeed and Wind Direction each second, and records the Outside Air Temp, Rainfall, and the nodes Inside Electronics Enclosure Air Temp every 5 minutes.

Here is a photo of the new high power packet weather station. I turned the system into a high power station to take advantage of the Ka-Node on the new KPC-3 tnc I am now using...


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